The Knysna Timber initiative is a non-profit company established by proactive members of the Knysna Woodworking community with strategic intent to support industry retention, growth and development in Knysna and the Garden Route through skills development, joint marketing and other industry relevant initiatives.

The KTI is a member based industry initiative and has been instrumental in organising the annual Knysna Timber Festival that will see its 5th rendition in 2018.



The strategic objectives of the KTI include the following:

- Providing a consultative forum for businesses and interested parties from Knysna and wider region with interests in the timber and related industries.

- Promotion and access to skills training by liaising with various training and education bodies and organisations.

- Development of plans and joint marketing initiatives for timber and related products from Knysna and the Garden Route by means of digital marketing, print media, displays, showrooms, trade show exhibitions and other marketing mechanisms as identified by KTI members on a project basis.

- Identifying and addressing matters arising which may affect member’s businesses and interests and to devise appropriate solutions and joint action.

- Representing the interests of members of the KTI on public bodies, councils, chambers, and other associations.

- Promotion of the timber and related industries through specific projects as identified by KTI members on a project basis from time to time.

- To engage with local and other government spheres on industry support and development plans with specific reference to the timber industry’s contribution and potential for local economic development, tourism and business support and development opportunities throughout the industry value chain.

- To encourage inter-business support, co-operation and clustered activity where feasible


*The KTI relies on membership contributions for hosting events and industry engagements, special projects that give effect to the strategic objectives of the organisation are initiated on a project-to-project basis.

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